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Need a will, revocable trust, power of attorney, or an estate plan? Want to avoid the complexities of the probate process and provide a simpler, tax-efficient way for your real and personal assets to transition to your family? Irrespective of the size of your assets, an estate plan will help your beneficiaries and avoid unnecessary litigation and taxation. We will work with you to take inventory of all your real and personal assets and develop a plan for distribution of each class of assets. Call our attorneys to discuss your estate plan.

Estate planning is for everyone who has assets — big or small!

Let a California will and trust lawyer help you with your estate planning needs

A thoroughly drafted estate plan ensures that your assets will be distributed to your beneficiaries in compliance with your wishes and without the complexities that are normally associated with the probate process. During the estate planning process, many unforeseen scenarios could arise. Our attorneys can counsel you through some of the scenarios and help you develop an estate plan that suits your circumstances.

While we work with clients all over California, our office is located in Tulare County at 525 West Main Street, Suite 120-1105, Visalia, CA 93291

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Benefits of estate planning

  • Avoid litigation within the family
  • Minimize expenses and taxes
  • Avoid complexities of the probate process
  • Reduce taxes in compliance with the law
  • Have a blueprint for contingencies

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