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Accidents happen. If you believe that you were the victim of an accident, call us to find out if we can represent you. We have successfully assisted accident victims and have helped them collect the compensation they deserve.

You shouldn’t have to deal with the consequences of someone else’s negligence.

No win, no fee! How a personal injury attorney can help you

At Sai Lawyer, we represent plaintiffs for a living. During our representation, we adopt a multi-pronged approach to ensure our clients get the settlement they need and deserve.  

The law does not require you to hire an attorney, but, statistically, plaintiffs who are represented by an attorney tend to get better settlements. From preparing persuasive legal arguments and gathering evidence and medical records to drafting compelling demand letters, our attorneys are on your side every step of the way. If needed, we will file a lawsuit on your behalf and persevere in your quest for justice.

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How does our no win, no fee guarantee work

There are no upfront fees. Normally, our personal injury lawyers work with plaintiffs on a contingency basis. If we win your case or settle, we get paid a pre-agreed portion of what we win. If we do not win or settle, you do not pay us.

Car Accidents


If you were injured in a car accident, whether it was another motorist or a commercial vehicle (including Uber or Lyft), you may have rights. Generally, if your injury was due to someone else’s negligence, the law allows you to make a claim for your damages within a certain period of time (Statute of Limitations). Once this time period passes, your claim is barred. Call us to find out if your claim can still be pursued.

Construction Accidents


If you were injured during construction activity, you may have rights. Whether the construction crew negligently caused you physical injury or they left a dangerous condition that led to your injuries, you have rights.

Not just the construction crew, anyone who is injured due to negligent conduct during construction activity may have rights.


Slip and Fall Injuries

If you fell on someone else’s premises and if they were negligent in any way, you may have a claim. There are many factors that need to be considered when making a slip-and-fall claim and you must act within the time period specified by the Statute of Limitations. Ask if we can help.

Medical Malpractice

Imagine going for a medical procedure that was designed to cure you, but, instead, left you with serious damages due to the medical practitioner’s negligence. It happens to the best of us, and if you believe that your damages were the result of medical negligence, call us.


General Negligence -- Individual, Corporate, Government

If you were injured in some other way and believe that the other party was negligent in its conduct (including a government agency such as the city or county), call us to find out if we can assist you with your claims.


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